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Income Tax Service

Berkman Zagranichny, Certified Public Accountants, provides professional income tax return preparation services services for individuals, sole practitioners, partnerships and busineses.

Call us today at 410-902-0223 or click here to send us an email for a free consultation.

Satisfying the financial needs of a variety of clients is the heart of Berkman Zagranichny, CPA's . Our firm has dedicated itself to the success of our clients. Our goal is to help you attain your financial goals.
The Future Starts Today
Berkman Zagranichny, CPA's provides, reviews and compilations of financial statements, and prepares income tax returns. But this is only the beginning of our financial services.
Since financial decisions you make today have a long-term effect on every area of your business, we can implement a creative package of financial services designed to help you achieve your future goals in a cost-effective manner.
We can also help you explore potential areas of growth that will let you make informed, effective plans for your future.
We Take Your Business As Seriously As You Do
The business world is constantly changing, especially in the area of tax legislation. It is essential that you have skilled, informed advisors who recognize the needs of your business and can help you achieve your goals.
With more than 90 people on staff and multiple locations in Maryland, Berkman Zagranichny, CPA's can constantly monitor the business environment on every level. This allows our many professionals to intelligently guide you and your business.
As your business advisor, we can help you obtain financing, structure operations and transactions to minimize taxes, implement a computer system, and more.
40 Years of Tax Experience
Business Returns/Corporate Returns
Virtual Tax Depaartment
Personal Tax Returns
IRS Settlment Negotiation
Free Tax Settlement Analysis
Payroll Tax Computation and filing
Sales and Use Computation and filing
1099 Preparation
Highly Trained Professionals
Berkman Zagranichny, CPA's personnel participate in continuing professional education. This assures you of always getting the best and most current information on which to base your financial, business and tax decisions.
Accounting Professionals... For Individuals
maryland_accounting_and_tax_returns_for_individuals Personal income tax planning
maryland_accounting_and_tax_returns_for_individuals Tax return preparation
maryland_accounting_and_tax_returns_for_individuals Family financial planning
maryland_accounting_and_tax_returns_for_individuals Analysis of tax advantaged investments
maryland_accounting_and_tax_returns_for_individuals Estate planning
maryland_accounting_and_tax_returns_for_individuals Representation at tax examinations
maryland_accounting_and_tax_returns_for_individuals Preparation of personal financial statements
  And more...
Accounting Professionals... For Businesses
accounting_professionals_for_corporations_maryland_washington_dc_virginia_new_york_cpa_firms Audited, reviewed, and compiled financial statements
accounting_professionals_for_corporations_maryland_washington_dc_virginia_new_york_cpa_firms Business tax planning
accounting_professionals_for_corporations_maryland_washington_dc_virginia_new_york_cpa_firms Tax return preparation
accounting_professionals_for_corporations_maryland_washington_dc_virginia_new_york_cpa_firms Management services designed to help increase efficiency and profit
accounting_professionals_for_corporations_maryland_washington_dc_virginia_new_york_cpa_firms Technology Solutions
accounting_professionals_for_corporations_maryland_washington_dc_virginia_new_york_cpa_firms Assistance in obtaining financing and bonding
accounting_professionals_for_corporations_maryland_washington_dc_virginia_new_york_cpa_firms Mergers, acquisitions and sales
accounting_professionals_for_corporations_maryland_washington_dc_virginia_new_york_cpa_firms Litigation support
accounting_professionals_for_corporations_maryland_washington_dc_virginia_new_york_cpa_firms Forecasts and projections
accounting_professionals_for_corporations_maryland_washington_dc_virginia_new_york_cpa_firms Survey and evaluation of internal controls
accounting_professionals_for_corporations_maryland_washington_dc_virginia_new_york_cpa_firms Representation at tax examinations
accounting_professionals_for_corporations_maryland_washington_dc_virginia_new_york_cpa_firms Advice on pension and profit sharing plans
accounting_professionals_for_corporations_maryland_washington_dc_virginia_new_york_cpa_firms Cost segregation
  And more...
At Berkman Zagranichny, CPA's , we have the skills and experience to make your goals reality. Let us guide you and your business to financial prosperity.
For additional information, please contact us.